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The Gilbert Firm advises clients in the management of active litigation and in dispute avoidance.

Representation by The Gilbert Firm will involve a comprehensive investigation of the facts and a full analysis of the legal and business impact of any litigation contemplated or confronted by you.  In short, it is our objective to function as your "in-house" legal team.

We take a proactive approach to the litigation process to limit and clarify the scope of a dispute and control the emphasis of the proceedings.  By aggressively framing the dispute, we find that we can more effectively control the litigation, and often the result.  This disciplined approach produces substantially better results than a more reactive approach often taken.

The litigation we regularly handle includes:

  • Toxic tort litigation, mass tort claims associated with personal injuries related to products liability caused by asbestos exposure, lead paint, latex glove and mold.        
  • Products liability claims relating to major mechanical failures and alleged design defects as direct defense, as well as recovery efforts in subrogation or by third party practice.
  • Builders' risk exposures and labor law imputed liabilities.
  • Contested Probate.

We assure your full appreciation of the litigation process and our obligation to keep you closely “in the loop” on the strategy, status and progress of your case.  With your involvement, we work as a team to best evaluate your options to maximize your legal position.

To assist the decision makers in managing risks we offer substantive and procedural overviews of the litigation process with a focus on the practical realities of business and personal impact of litigation.



ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Results depend on a number of factors unique to each matter. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.