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A 1989 Cornell University graduate, Ms. Gilbert studied employment law and labor relations at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and worked in-house for a variety of insurance companies. Upon graduation from Fordham University School of Law, Ms. Gilbert gained diverse and extensive litigation experience in Federal and State Courts, in insurance coverage defense and subrogation litigation managing and resolving catostrophic losses caused by construction, engineering and architectural failures.

In 2000, with Vivienne Gilbert, Ms. Gilbert founded The Gilbert Firm, as a boutique law firm providing
complex, commercial litigation services and signature asset protection, elder law, trusts and estate and succession planning Counsel.

Continuing her focus on litigation, Ms. Gilbert and her team have litigated negligent data breach cases involving $80,000,000 of pharmaceutical inventory losses and litigated the In Re Katrina Canal Breaches litigation, against the United States Army Corps of Engineers for damages sustained by the utilities infrastructure in the area east of the Industrial Canal in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Other complex engineering failures that Ms Gilbert has overseen include the structural failure of initial construction of the North Coast Super Aqueduct in Puerto Rico; a natural gas explosion at an insured ethanol facility caused by improper moisture conditions maintained by an interstate gas transmission distributor; an explosive failure of reciprocating oxygen compressors in the government owned steel mill in Santiago, Chile, caused by insuitable piston ring material recommended for use in pure oxygen under pressure; as well as, less catastrophic structural failures caused by engineering miscalculations of foreseeable conditions, faulty workmanship and design.

Ms. Gilbert's litigation team provides guidance and litigation representation to the firms' individual high net worth clients in areas of business planning, elder care issues, contested trusts and estates and business succession planning.


New York State and Federal Courts; 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and The Supreme Court of the United States.

Ms Gilbert also holds her license as an Independent General Adjuster in the State of New York.


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